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What to Look for in a Golf Club Building and Repair Workshop

The condition of your golf equipment can highly impact your game so it’s important to keep your clubs in top condition. When trying to decide on a golf repair center with whom you can trust your golf clubs, it is best to ask for references from fellow golfers. In addition to personal recommendations, this is what you should look for:

  1. They should be able to provide a full range of golf club repair and maintenance services such as re-gripping to frequency matching and re-shafting.
  2. They should be able to provide a complete equipment analysis, club refurbishing and annual maintenance programs. They would grind out the nicks, polish the clubs, re-groove the heads and replace the grips. If the clubs need re-shafting they should be able to recommend the best set of shafts. Ask them if they can also do custom stamping of initials or other identifying marks for security.
  3. Oftentimes performance of existing clubs can be achieved by dismantling and rebuilding of the clubs. Shafts with a spine must be installed correctly to achieve uniformity throughout the set.
  4. In addition to club building and repair, they should be able to provide custom club fitting. The most important aspect of club building and analysis is the fitting. Your golf center needs to be able to fit for grips, irons, shafts, wedges, and woods, as well as provide ball fitting. Ask them about the technology they use. A good golf center will use a golf simulator for their fitting. They would gather the basic statistics on their clubs such as loft and lie, club head speed, ball briansclub speed and launch angle. During this process you should be able to test different club head, shaft and grip combinations to find out which work the best for you. An important indicator of suitability is to compare flex performance to swing speed. Once they have your fitting specifications and have made analysis of your clubs they should be able to make a recommendation as to what should be done to have your clubs perform the best for you. It may be a simple recommendation like bending clubs to adjust the loft or lie, or they can re-shaft and re-grip the clubs. Often it is only marginally more expensive to buy a new set of clubs. Armed with the information you have been provided with in the fitting and measurement process you can order clubs from your golf pro.
  5. A good club repair and building center should also provide putter fitting and building. The industry standard is to use a device that uses ultrasound to follow your swing path. They should also be able to provide testing for your existing putter and bend the putter to perfect specifications using a putter machine.

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