Patio Heaters – Extending the Use of Your Garden

Everyone takes pleasure in their garden, but the problem remains that in most climates a garden can only be enjoyed on warm sunny days and for a limited period of the year. Patio heaters are a great way of removing this restriction and making the garden a year long addition to the house. These powerful and efficient heaters can make parties and barbeques something to be enjoyed at any time and in any season.

Gas, electric and wood burning garden heaters can be placed on a patio, or any other area of a garden and used for relaxation, entertaining or socialising. These heaters radiate warmth and create an umbrella of heat in the area immediately around them. In short, they convert a garden into an outdoor room and one with an ever changing seasonal decor.

A heater for every garden

Patio heaters come in a range of styles and heating systems from the traditional fired clay chimeneas of Mexico, to the stainless steel elegance of the modern gas powered heaters. As a flame free alternative, electric halogen heaters offer an option for anyone with concerns about fires. All heaters have their place, and the choice of which to choose will be determined by personal preference and the available energy source.

Gas patio heaters

Gas powered garden heaters use a gas cylinder and produce a naked flame. When one cylinder expires another one can easily replace it and the heat generation is instant and extensive. These heaters are tall and narrow with a based gas heaters that encloses the gas cylinder and a reflective cap that projects the heat down and around the heater. Most garden heaters of this type have a stainless steel finish and can easily be transported around the garden. Gas patio heaters are also available as smaller table top heaters. These scaled down versions stand on a table and warm the people sat around it. They are very portable and take up little space.

Traditional chimeneas

Chimeneas are traditional clay pots or cast iron ovens that burn wood or coal. They produce real flames and smoke along with plenty of heat. You light and feed them like a wood barbeque, stove or fireplace. These rustic looking heaters have a stove and chimney section and are often quite tall and heavy. Their original use saw them as bread ovens, but these days they combine a decorative appearance with the practical generation of garden heat. Chimeneas are widely available, very durable and many mass produced versions are made of cast iron rather than the traditional clay. There are many different designs and sizes and most will grace even the most highly manicured of gardens.

Halogen heaters

For anyone not wanting the hassle of burning coal or wood, or wishing to avoid gas, mains powered electric halogen heaters can be a good alternative. These heater produce effective heat, but without a flame and with little or no set-up time. There sole disadvantage is that they require an adequate power supply in the garden or patio area.

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