Latest Sony Smartphones The Sony Xperia P And Sony Xperia U

Sony introduced a couple of Sony branded handsets during the Mobile World Congress 2012 held in Barcelona Spain. Two of them are called the Sony Xperia P and Sony Xperia U.

The Sony Xperia P comes with a 4″ Reality display also known as WhiteMagic technology. The phone’s actual screen brightness is improved with this. It uses a fourth sub pixel to the conventional RGB set-up or the so called white pixel. sony 55x75k With this you can expect excellent contrast and brightness as well. Before a phone’s brightness is not that good with their so called older Reality displays. You will be able to see everything in crisp and bright colors even if you are under heavy sunlight.

The phone ships with an aluminum unibody and that same futuristic design that you loved on the Sony Xperia S. The said transparent strip is now available in three colors.

This handset can shoot videos at 1080p with its amazing 8MP camera. The phone comes in with added power called the ST Ericsson NovaThor U8500. I am sure that you are surprised by the mere sight of the word Ericsson. In a small part, Ericsson is still a part of these new Sony only branded handsets. The phone ships with a micro HDMI port as well. You can easily hook this handset to you HDTV and see everything in a bigger picture or view.

You will also like its NFC connectivity feature. This makes this handset compatible with Sony’s Smart Tags. You will also get a SmartDock with this handset. The handset may now ship with Android Gingerbread OS but later this year you will be able to receive an Ice Cream Sandwich update on this handset.

Let us now talk about the Sony Xperia U. This is a bit smaller than its brother the Xperia P. It comes in with a 3.5″ Reality screen (FWVGA resolution). It ships with a 5MP camera only but it can shoot videos at 1080p. It uses Exmor R Sensor as well.

You will also get an in-ear plugs and tangle free cables Smart Headset with this handset. You will also get an application launcher called the SmartKey. The same futuristic look is available on this handset as well. Meaning you will be seeing that transparent strip on this handset too. Unlike the Xperia P, you will only be able to see its backlight changing its color to simply match the phone’s current wallpaper. If you feel like changing the phone’s color, you can do so by simply detaching the phone’s bottom plastic cover. This is made to be interchangeable and it comes in pink and yellow colors. You can also choose to stick with its default black bottom cover. This also ships with Android Gingerbread and like its brother you will be able to update its OS with the latest Android Iteration later this year.

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