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Info Product Challenge – 8 Hours

Are you tired of all the hype which promises you the world but takes you nowhere? If you are like me, you must have bought countless ebooks, read unlimited reports and have bought thousands of products with resell rights or even private label rights in a hope to create your own product.

But what happened?

You are still here, buying another hope, another dream.

Wake up my friend. It’s not time to live in dreams. Stop buying dreams and take some action.

Forget all the hype you have known. Forget those sneaky secrets told to you by internet millionaires. Forget buying huge marketing courses.

Remember just one thing.

If you want to become rich – you must create and sell your own product.. period!

And I’m going to show you “how you can create your own info products in eight hours flat time” today.

Creating info products is the easiest and fastest way of generating wealth on the internet. Yet, most of the people fail at it.

The number one reason of their failure is that they are misguided. They are never shown the exact plan. They are never shown the logical steps. They are always presented with the information in a very complicated manner..

Things are shown to them in so complicated way that they become afraid of trying it out. And that’s what internet top millionaires want.

They don’t want you to create your own products. They do not want you to learn this easy process and become master of it. If they let you do so, you will not buy their product. And if you will not buy their products, they will not become richer.

Do you see the whole logic.

Do you think I am making a bold claim? Yes, I am. But I want you to wake up and realize that you can do it.

Today, in next 8 (e-i-g-h-t) hours, I’ll have you with your first information product. Go and close your doors for everyone out there in this world and get ready to ACT on what I’m going to show you ..

Let’s begin friend …

Step 1 – What interests you most? Be Generic
Time Required: 1 Hour

Gardening, health, programming, money making…?

Tip: Don’t go for specifics at this stage. Common mistake is to write something like “seo” instead of “programming” or “body building” instead of “health”. Today World Info

The more specific you will try to be, more you will be limiting yourself. So, before jumping to next step, write the most generic area that interests you most.

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