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Facebook Takes on Google – “FriendFeed Accepts Facebook Friend Request”

The search method is expected to be massive and extremely popular with searches showing results in “real time” and the internet world has seen shock waves due to the expected acquisition from either Google or Twitter.

Respected Blogger and industry expert, Robert Scoble, had these words to say when hearing the news “Google look out, Facebook knows the real money is in real-time search.”

Although Google are the number one worldwide brand and self proclaimed King of the internet search, Friendfeed are the friend filter Kings of the real time search and therefore, the next big advance in the internet world. Google founder Larry Page admitted that Google had fallen behind the likes of Twitter who now have over 45 Million users stating that people wanted to do stuff in “real time.”

He even found these negative words to say when describing Google’s achievements “We’ve done a relatively poor job of doing things that work on a per second basis.”

Silicon Valley residents have stated that Facebook made an unsuccessful attempt to buy Twitter and so Friendfeed was the next best thing. Friendfeed is known to have extremely powerful, advanced technology that allows people to aggregate what they do online and even more importantly, in real time. Experts reveal that Friendfeed has been inspirational for Facebook with many of it’s features mirrored by that of Facebook. Examples of this are the ability for others to comment or say they like other peoples statements or the ability to import third party content such as YouTube videos.

It is believed that Friendfeed has been the research center for Facebook and will continue to be, with Facebook using the site to test new features before including them in their site.

Even though the two companies had been discussing a deal for the last two years, experts were still caught by surprise that one of the giants did not come in and nip Facebook at the post. Founder Bret Taylor admitted that it was an “11th hour deal.” Even more interesting was that the majority of the Google hierarchy/founders all worked at Friendfeed in a previous life!

The agreement states that all Friendfeed employees will become Facebook employees and the four founders will be given executive positions with the Facebook group. Also, for the moment, Friendfeed will continue to work independently.

This deal shows that even the largest of power houses do not get their own way all the time and that there are infact, pretenders to the throne. One thing for sure, anyone using Facebook to network and market, it is only going from strength to strength.

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