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Cleaning Your Litter Box

For as many cats as there are in your house or your neighbor’s, or for however many people you poll for their litter box cleaning routine, you’re likely to get that many different answers when you ask, “How do you clean and manage the litter box at your house?”

Because a clean litter box is necessary for your kitty’s health, it might be nice to have “some standards” in mind when deciding to bring a new kitty into your home. Or, because your kitty is now experiencing some different “bathroom habits” from his previous box behavior. These tips are designed to help you with your quest in designing the “ultimate” litter box refuse retrieval experience!

Take kitty out of the box
Before you can begin to clean the litter box, you will first have to remove kitty from the box. Sometimes kitty will play “hide and seek” in the litter box and scratch around in it, like he’s looking for something or he’s digging a hole to China! So, remove kitty before you begin.

Add plastic box liner
Though not necessary, like some people, you may want to use a plastic liner in the litter box. And then spread the litter on top of the liner. Make sure there is enough litter for kitty to be able to dig. When the litter’s dirty or emits an odor–when you’re ready to clean the box–you’ll then lift the liner from the box, litter and all, and dispose of it. With little to no muss or fuss!

Take kitty out of the box
You’ve poured some fresh litter into the box, and spread it around evenly. Kitty hears the noise and comes running to investigate. You then either decide to continue with your box duties or you say you’ll come back later.

Add clean litter
The litter you choose will, of course, be cookie packaging companies a brand of your choosing. However, litters are different on a number of levels. Some are scented, others are not. Some are pea-sized gravel, crystal, or a clay product, others are not; some are made from wheat or pine or another “green” product. Some veterinarians, however, recommend that you use the clumping or scoopable litter.

Take kitty out of the box
If you’re not paying complete attention to what you’re doing, though, kitty will have found that “cleaning thing” so much fun the last time, he’ll come back soon enough to see what you are doing.

Use scoopable litter
The scoopable litters are especially useful and cost-effective because you are able to scoop out the solid kitty refuse. And when your kitty urinates, the litter will “clump” enough that you can just scoop that out, too. Different brands of litter act differently, though, so you may want to evaluate their effectiveness before you invest in the product.

Take kitty out of the box
When you’re cleaning the box, you will notice you have a helper who may or may not add to your box cleaning experience. So much so, you may have to take kitty out of the litter box a number of times.

Use covered litter box
Kitties, too, like privacy when they do their bathroom duties so you might want to consider a kitty box with a lid/cover. Such a box does make it a bit cumbersome to clean, but it does help to give kitty some privacy. In addition, some such boxes come with a filter area with a place where you can add a filter pad, which helps to alleviate some of the odor. This also helps to keep the air around the box fresher.

If you do use a covered litter box, however, be sure to get one that’s large enough to give kitty room enough to move around in it to get his business done without leaving some of “his business” on his backend. (Experienced teacher here!)

Take kitty out of the box
As you can see, the running theme is like with kids, you may have “plenty of help” when you’re cleaning the box. Kitties are nosey by nature; they have to be “in the thick of things;” they always want to know what’s going on. And if the “goings on” happen to interfere with or in some other way intrude upon something that’s his, he’ll want to be right there supervising.

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