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Article Marketing, Key Word Bonanzas, and a Reality Check

Online article writers and Internet marketers sure talk a lot about key words, but does it make sense to chase the highest powered keywords all over the Internet just to get traffic. After all, the key to winning with online articles is to use informational soft-selling to attract your targeted traffic.

Now, I am not sure that I have the expertise to comment on this stuff, because I am not your typical online article marketer, but let me enlighten you on something that is interesting in this regard. I do have a couple of articles in excess of 100,000 article views on “Hair Styles” BONANZAJP that I did as an experiment. Indeed, it is kind of disgusting, but, this is the average mentality of the modern Internet surfer. They search mindless stuff.

Of course, just getting internet traffic alone is not as important to “me” as targeted traffic. If I get 100 perfectly targeted visitors to my site, to me that is worth more than 1 million click throughs to my site. And folks that search information about Paris Hilton, Hair styles or removing hair on one’s bikini line, are definitely not my targeted traffic. Does that make sense to you?

You see, I do not try to compete for Key Words, rather I just put myself in the mind of my targeted traffic and ask myself, if I were them, what would I type into the search engine? That’s how I choose my key words, other than that I do not give it much thought. Indeed, with my level of volume, I do not think it matters much. Plus, I am in an esoteric niche, so there isn’t a lot of competition anyway for those key words; much less than other Internet folks.

I’ve never used any software to check out key words, and only briefly ever looked at Google key words or the extra keyword features at the online article directory site. I must be doing something right, because my strategy seems to be working quite well without being a key-word prostitute.

There is power in numbers in my opinion, and it’s amazing how lucky you get when you are writing in volume, seems every day, something is popular in the news and I just happen to have a few articles on the topic. Perhaps you will consider this in your pursuit of key word richness in 2009.


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